The newest eevee species.

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The newest eevee species.

Post  [BtG]RedRawr on Tue Jul 07, 2009 8:21 pm

In the pkmn games pearl/diamond/platinum are 2 new evolutions for Eevee:
- Glaceon
- Leafeon

You cant get them such the evolutions before.
You cant use a stone ore a day time.
In the Sinnoh area are 2 rare rock (a green in Eterna Forest and a blue one under the Acuity Lakefront)

Now you need a clean Eevee and talk with the grasrock, and train the Eevee just 1 lvl and he will evaluate in Leafeon.
For Glaceon you pick an other Eevee and talk with the icerock, and this Eevee will evaluate in Glaceon

Goodluck Very Happy

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