URA zelda or masterquest

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URA zelda or masterquest

Post  rick on Sat Jul 04, 2009 12:01 pm

from left to right: the original game, gamecube back with the gamecube version(normal game and masterquest) and the instruction booklet.
the instruction booklet states: the legend of zelda ocarina of time master quest NEVER APEARED BEFORE!

The legend of zelda ocarina of time is wildly consisted to be the BEST GAME EVER. it sure was a good game for its time, and it still is now. ocarina of time was one of the first 3D role playing games(the 3D games that apeared before were flying shooters like starfox).

but did you know that ocarina of time was only a small part of the original game? the game was ment to be twice as long. the expansion would be for the Nintendo 64 DD(a expansion for the nintendo 64, it was not sold well because it was only released in Japan). the game was called URA zelda (which is japanese for another zelda) for the time being.

because the 64 DD did not fare well the game was not released. hackers hacked Ocarina of time and found alot of data which is not found in the game. alot of parts from other dungeons. the game was originally planned to be like twice as long as it is now!

URA zelda is released for the nintendo gamecube. for those who PRE-ordered the legend of zelda: the wind waker. I myself am one of the few lucky owners of the game. it is called The legend of zelda: ocarina of time Master quest. the game is alot harder and longer. the game was ot fully ready and to be different from ocarina of time the producers made level edits(which made the game harder).

for ocarina of time fans: you should be able to get your hands on a copy, i think.

(the legend of zelda majoras mask also would have an expansion called zelda: gaiden)

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