glowing skelleton/zombie boy

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glowing skelleton/zombie boy

Post  rick on Fri Jul 03, 2009 5:46 pm

wanna be creepy in little big planet? but is the zombie outfit to silly?
there is a glitch to let it glow!!! spooky!

WARNING: you need to do this with 1 player the glitch does not work if you have a friend.

i will describe the glitch:
- make an empty level
- get a infinite life check point(if you do not have internet on your playstation just make some normal check points).
- make a piece of electricity next to the check point.
- only wear the zombie boy/skeleton material outfit.
- play the level:
what to do in the level.
- jump into the electricity then quickly press start before you die(you neet to be shocked, you stay shocked for 3 seconds or something.)
- hold the ps button(middle button)...
- a menu pops up! shut your controller of.
- wait some time, after a while a message pops up: this is the sign to put your controller back on.
- you now glow, if you dont do the last 4 steps again because you pressed start at the time you didn't glow(will shocked you glow for a few frames, then you dont glow for a few frames, then you glow etc.) or if that doesn't help you did something wrong!

have fun with your new outfit. you can give your naked character some clothes and the glow stays(you can safe the costume)

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Re: glowing skelleton/zombie boy

Post  [BtG]Rob on Fri Jul 03, 2009 5:48 pm

Yes i love that glitch my character was glowing,
again a nice and ussefull tut.


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