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tales of pirates

Post  rick on Sun Sep 13, 2009 9:34 am

do you guys like exploring a huge world, and travel the seas? fight and kill everything you see? or seek for treasure? then tales of pirates is the perfect game for you.

first of all the game is kinda hard to get on, so you need to learn a thing or two.

you start in a city/village you choose
(i am found in the regio: dream island(left one) server: eclpise isle( upper left one))
(my name is midara)
with a map where you can only see that city/village on. after you did a few optional newbie quests you can get out and hunt monsters and explore the world(the monsters are quite funny, like watermelons with faces or flying pigs). on lvl 9 you can choose a basic class

(swordsman(Fights using 2 swords and can be upgraded to crusader and something else...) herbalist(a healer, can be upgraded to a cleric and something else...) a hunter(archer, can also be upgraded) and an explorer(wil become a voyager later on)) i am an explorer btw.

and on lvl 15 you can get a boat and travel the sea where you can find monsters, pirates and other players. you can kill these(including the players) if you are lucky(or not) you wil find the huge leviathan(strongest monster in the game).
http://top.igg.com/ is the url btw.

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