the top ten items of the series

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the top ten items of the series

Post  rick on Mon Aug 24, 2009 9:07 pm

as alot of you know i am a huge the legend of zelda fan. i am playing the games since the age of three(thanks to my big brothers). today the legend of zelda is a really populair game serie and the center of alot of discussions. discusions like time debates and the total story. the game itself leaves alot of questions open, and alot more to people who have played more games in the series.

one of the things i think is true is the fact that the tutor of the old skills can be the link from the legend of zelda ocarina of time and majoras mask. he is left handed and has a sword that is simmilair to the gilded sword from majoras mask. the tutor also says he has been on alot of adventures when he was alive. and since the link of ocarina of time and majoras mask is the only hero of time who apeared in more than 1 game and happened before the great flood.

but this is not the thing i want to discuss right here i want to discus the top ten items of the elgend of zelda. this is not an official list by any means, but i think this is the best list of items with a good combination of origianility, the puzzles based on its, its use and its overal look. so heres the list:

10. at number 10 the mirror shield, this shield really was a good item. the puzzles were great. the only bad thing about this shield is that you got it at the latest dungeons so you would not have to use it much. the mirror shield first apeared in a link to the past but wasn't much special in that game. it then appeared in the ocarina of time where it the fun of the shield really began.
the puzzles in the spirit temples were really hard and much fun, and the battle with the witches(koume and kotake) were also great.

9. the magnetic gloves: these gloves were awesome, but they only apeared in 2 games, the oracle of seasons and four swords. these gloves could be used for pulling and pushing stuff that was magnetic, and sometimes link could lift himself up with them. the puzzle aspects were really fun but again short.

8. the hammer. the hammer first apeared in links adeventure were it hadnt much of use except for breaking rocks in the overworld. it then re-apeared in almost every other game. the hammer is a really hard hitting weapon. altough it hadnt much puzzles the hammer was really fun

7. the pegasus boots and pegasus seeds. you may wonder why 2 items ended up at this spot it is because they are entirely the same. the pegasus boots and seeds let you run alot faster which was really helpfull in the 2-d zelda games. the items had almost no puzzles but it was fun to run like a geek trough the dungeons!

6. at number six is the ocarina. music always had a huge part in the legend of zelda, the recorder apeared in the first game as the first music instrument. but in links awaikining the ocarina first apeared. it had not much use back there, but in the ocarina of time and majoras mask it had. you could learn various songs troughout the world and play them on the ocarina and something would happen. like warping you are make a waterfall split or go back in time...

5. the bombs. the bombs apeared in almost every zelda game. they were used to kill enemies and break breakable walls and destroy huge rocks.the bombs could do more in everey game. and in the windwaker you can even use a cannon to fire bombs. bombs are entirely the BOMB

4. roc's feather and roc's cape. in the 2d zelda you couldn't jump(you cant jump in the 3d ones either..) so that left alot of puzzle and race effects behind. these affect could still be used thanks to the roc's feather which first apeared in links awakaning. roc's feather allowed you to jump and hop around over enemies and holes in the floor or even over obstacles. roc's feather could be upgraded to the roc's cape which allowed you to jump, and then fly around for a short time.

3. at number three the boomerang. the boomerang is a really helpfull item, you could use it to retrive other stuff or to activate switches or in twilight princess: move bombs to rocks Razz . the boomerang is a really helpfull item and apeared in almost every game.

2. i long concidered putting this one at numberone bit i didn't. the bow. the hero's bow was a really helpfull item in the past in it still is now. in the first game link seemed to shoot his ruppies as you lost a ruppie every time you shot...?! and after that it apeared in EVERY GAME they even made a spin off game called link's crossbow adventure. the bow could be combined with magic in various games it could shot fire ice and light arrows. the item was awesome to shoot with and had a lot of puzzles.

1. then whats at number one? the hookshot. the hookshot is a great item which apeared in alot of games. but it wasnt that fun until the 3D games. you could shoot the hookshot at verious matrials and then fly to there using its chain. you could also retrive various stuff with it. it is really fun to fly around and it also made it easy to go to various places. thanks to the hookshot some temples seem bigger. lol. but not only that, in the legend of zelda twilight princess you didn't get one but 2 hookshots(or clawshots as they are called there) which was REALLY AWESOME you could fly around on the walls really fast with it, and the boss fight from the city in the skies was the best boss fight EVER.

i would like to see your list as well, if you have time please post yours.

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