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Post  Adoniis on Wed Jul 29, 2009 2:21 pm

Hi All

I Play ******-kall, its private server of Kall online.

Here some infomation of the game:

Drop List

G60 Drop in D1H3
G70 Weps Drop in AoG
G70 Armors Drop in AoG
G80 sell in fort (NPC)
G85 Drop in D5H1R5
G90 Drop in West & East Island
Doggabi Lord Drop 40 Crystals

Server Settings

Exp rate : 400x
Egg rate : 200x
Drop Rate Custom
There Are Many Events
24/7 Online
100 Mbits - No Lag
99.9 % Up Time
Windows Vista Support

New Areas

New Fort Design , Sacred City
New Death Valley , High Level Area , Traitor Mage Area
Area of God , Elder Island , Highland Area
Support Island , Lizard Valley I-II , Deadly Forrest


New Armors & Weapons G85 & G90
Upgrade Items
New Speed-Up
Critical-Hit Medicines
Money Bags
new Quest Items
Halloween Masks
new Talismans
G50 - G80 Accessoires
PVP-Event Items
Special Wooden Boxes

Register add f*****-kal.tk
Download the client and the patch!

Come Join Us ! Very Happy .

Myn Name in the Game is: Adoniis
Class : Mage.
Guild : TheUnknown
Hope to see you in de game


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Re: ******-kall

Post  rick on Thu Jul 30, 2009 10:01 pm

please do not post private stuf its in the rules.

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