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Post  [BtG]Lordjaro on Thu Jul 02, 2009 7:55 pm


Only talk english in this forum.

Don't flame other people on the forums, we don't want flamewars here. So keep it nice!
Everyone will get punished who is involved with flaming.

Please don't spam in topics, spam is something like: "OMG Phr33 S700f Pl0x!!!111".
Also, please don't make One word posts because this is only allowed in the games section.

Double posts:
Please don't double posts, only when it is needed!

Multiple Accounts:
Dont make multiple accounts.

Discrimination is not allowed here, discrimination is based on: religious or other people's believes, language, gender or anything else.

No sexual/porn videos/images allowed here, we got little childern here,
we do allow girl with a nice ass but not an ass with an .... or whatever in it,
if you do post iamges/videos like this you will be banned in 1 time for 5 days no warnings.
next time perm BAN.

Rudeness is the same as flaming. So don't be rude.

Same topics:
Don't make the same topics again. First use the search button on the forum before you ask your question.
You can also go to the HelpCenter for other questions.

Cross posting:
Cross posting is making the same topics over and over again for a few times by the same user.
The poster will be punished for doing this.

Misleading content:
Always make good topic names, don't mislead other people.

Don't advertise on BornToGame. If you want to start a clan don't advertise it here.

When you are warned, you receive 1 point or 2 points depending on the severity of your warning. When you receive 3 points, you get a 5 day ban. When you receive 4 points, you get a 7 day ban, and the next warning is a permanent ban.

Requesting to be a staff member
Don't ask for being a staff member of NextGenUpdate, this will only decrease your chance.

Ranting our rules: Making topics about ranting our rules is not allowed. If you don't like it, just learn to live with it.

Reporting a post: If you see someone breaking our rules, pm one of the Security admins [BtG]Rob or [BtG]Lordjaro

Thanks, the [BtG]Staff

EDITED BY [BtG]Rob Your forgot 1 rule and made a mistake with pm people for there clan.

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